Folds are pleats of fabric, wrinkles in the skin or carefully folded strands of DNA in each of our cells. Folds are earthly or watery, creases in a landscape or ripples at the surface of the ocean. Folds bend straight lines, they provide texture to the smooth surface of appearance. Folds follow the curves of time, they testify to its passing and its opening to endless possibilities.

We are inside and outside, always experiencing, learning, folding, unfolding and refolding. Growing. Folds tend to make matter “flow out of its frame,” they can be a way of organising thinking and acting without binaries, absolutes or hierarchies.

Using the notion of folds as a point of departure, this curatorial project seeks to bring together the public, artists and academics to speculate on the aesthetic, conceptual, ethical, and sociopolitical implications of folds. This project will consist of both an exhibition and a series of events, taking place at Lewisham Project Space in November 2019.

Organised in collaboration with Megan Garry-Evans and Gloria Bernal.